This is an old phrase from England and means a “person who polishes shoes.” In olden times,
the only type of shoes available was black boots and these were polished by improving their blackness.
This is said to have led to this expression.

Matsudo factory

Matsudo factory produces all the shoe polishes and cleaners of Columbus.
This facility has a great track record and level of expertise in shoe finishing agents
and shoe polishes built up with our customers over the long period of more than 100 years since our establishment.
Of course, “BootBlack” is also produced in Matsudo factory in Japan.

Taking advantage of traditions in the present day,
we make premium shoe care proposals.

Columbus has supplied shoe finishing agents and shoe polishes for over 100 years in all leather-related business categories – from tanneries to shoe retailers.
Our brand new made-in-Japan “BootBlack” series has been created by bringing together this level of knowledge and development capabilities.
These days, when shoes have started to assert their presence,
“BootBlack” is the series that embodies the demands of each and every customer and is the series
that was created by “polish professionals” by adopting the unique criteria of our “top shiners”
who work to create original shoes.