Shoe Cream

Shoe Cream
Shoe cream for smooth leather 55g in jar
NThis is an emulsified cream, formulated with quality waxes which provides color complementing and shining effects.
※Available in 38 colors!

Wax Shoe Polish

Wax Shoe Polish
Wax shoe polish for smooth leather 50g in a tin
This is an oil based polish for when you want to add luster. Creates robust water repelling on the leather surface.
※Available in 10 colors!

Collections Shoe Cream

Collections Shoe Cream
85g in jar (6 colors available)(NEW)
This is an emulsified shoe cream which benefits highly coloring effect with a combination water based color dye and water based nanoparticle pigment.
You will gradually achieve deep color tone as long as you use repeatedly for a long time. Specially formulated with argan oil which provides moisturizing effect. Choose slight darker tone cream than actual tone of the target shoes if you want to achieve antique finishing.※Dyed color can not be removed from leather even if you use a cleaner. Test before use on an inconspicuous area to see its dyeing affinit.

Cordovan Cream

Cordovan Cream
Shoe cream for cordovan leather 55g in jar
This cream has a nutritional support, a shine enhancing effect on cordovan shoes. Formulated with grease to keep the leather in prime condition.
※Available in 6 colors!

Delicate Cream

Delicate Cream
Shoe cream for delicate leather 55g in jar
This is a leather protecting cream for delicate materials. This cream nourishes even the most delicate material like case leather which is difficult to treat.This cream will keep the leather in prime condition.

Patent Leather

Patent Leather
Shoe cream for Patent Leather 60g in ja
This is for patent leather shoes to enhance original luster of patent leather.
This will be effectively achieved after cleaning with Leather Lotion or Two Face Plus Lotion.


Rich moisture
Nutritional cream for smooth leather shoes 100mL in bottle
This cream has a nutritional support and a shining effect, formulated with organic argan oil which provides moisture and suppleness. Neutral type.

Leather Sole Conditioner
Conditioner for leather sole 100mL in a plastic bottle
Formulated with Jojoba and mineral oils, this conditioner makes leather sole flexible. It prevents soles from the typical stiffening or cracking caused by rain and wet weather. Non-sticky finish.

Artist Palette

Artist Palette
35g in jar (20 colors available)
This is a nutritional shoe cream, formulated with natural waxes and argan oil which provides moisturizing effect.  Imparts a clear finishing and provides water repellent effect. Oil based, easy-to-use soft shoe cream with waterless formulation

Mink Oil

Mink Oil
Shoe cream for oiled leather 50g in a tin
This is a cream which provides nutritional effects on the oilded leather surface.

Lizard & Crocodile
Shoe cream for lizard crocodile leathers 100mL
This cream has a cleaning and shining effects, formulated with argan oil. For shiny lizard and crocodile leathers only.
Lotion type.



Leather Whitening Cream Shine 40g
Shoe cream for shiny white leather sneakers.

Leather Whitening Cream Mat 40g
Shoe cream for mat white leather sneakers.

Leather Protection Cream 60g
Water repallent for leather sneakers





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